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This novel retraces the initiatory path taken by a young woman, Anaïs, a bored young woman entrepreneur who decides to change her profession. Wanting to reconcile professional life and idealism, she gives up everything to work in international organizations.

The shock is total when she discovers this politico-diplomatic world: corruption, wars of power, and blackmail. It is not a question of fighting against poverty or for world peace, but of surviving in these opaque organizations, places of confrontation that have replaced armed battlefields.

This book is inspired by a true story even if the names of the protagonists have been changed. It retraces the initiatory journey of this woman who ends up winning her battle but above all by discovering and becoming who she really was.

This book proposes a method for analyzing, understanding and anticipating human behavior, based on the observation of how the brain works and the study of spiritual traditions. It provides a simple way of understanding how situations unfold in our lives, and how to take control of them by identifying the values at work. The author proposes an analytical grid accessible to all , enabling each person to become more aware of what is at stake and the choices available to them. This book proposes practical solutions for those who wish to “act rightly” with full responsibility.
It is an invaluable tool for all those who need to anticipate, prevent, manage and resolve conflicts of all kinds, between individuals or groups.

Decrypt, Choose and Act
United Nations

The United Nations was created in 1945 to preserve future generations against the plague of war, to create the conditions necessary for the maintenance of justice and equality of people, and to support social progress.

However the system of the United Nations generates violence, would it be external or internal.

This book analyzes from a real history the reasons explaining this reversal in the application of the Charter. It suggests some reforms which will perhaps make it possible for the United Nations not to know the same fate as its predecessor, the Society of the Nations which did not succeed in preventing the human disaster of the Second World War.

This book will interest all the citizens of this world.